About Us

As a jewelry designer, I would often create beautiful jewelry for a friend or customer, but could not find a simple way to package and present my finished designs. 

I then began looking for earring cards - to my surprise, I couldn’t find any in stores! I could only find dull plastic cards, or expensive custom cards when I searched online. 

I started to make my own cards out of scrapbook supplies, which turned out beautiful. My biggest problem now was getting the holes to sit right when displaying jewlery. I went on a search again, this time for punches. I again could not find any, but I also found that many other jewelry designers were also looking for tools to create their own unique cards. This led to the creation of the Easy Earring Cards Punch Kit. 

Created for crafters of all kinds, the kit is created as a product that is easy to use. The packaging of your creations should match the beauty of the designs, creating a wonderful, complete presentation. 

Easy Earring Cards Punch Kit will help every jewelry designer to always have a way to make earring cards. Save money and create your own brand. 

Give it a try, you will be glad you did!

- Dee


Special note:

This website is designed and run by the inventor of easy earring cards punches. I am a small business like you probably are. I stand by my products and strive to treat all of my customers the way I would like to be treated.  So be assured, you will be satisfied with any purchases from this website. 


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